On-site location services for wild and remote destinations

Our highly experienced team have a background in Adventure Activities, Professional Instruction and Events, which makes Wilderness Escapes an ideal and reliable solution to source and deliver all manner of location service requirements anywhere in the British Isles.

Our mobile and dynamic operation enable us to reach almost any location (within reason) and provide a perfect base camp/project centre near to, or at locations in wild and remote destinations, whatever the production from wildlife shoots, documentaries, to major films and survey work.

Our high-performance equipment, bespoke accessories and on-site chef combined with our many years’ experience enable us to take care of all of the ‘living’ sides of projects to a very high standard. In turn, this enables you to focus on the project in hand whilst being near to, or at your chosen location.

In addition, our staff are very passionate about the outdoors, and are appropriately qualified. Therefore, we can offer technical assistance, guiding, delivery, advice and support on a range of disciplines from (amongst others) Power Boat driving, Canoeing, Bushcraft, Sailing, Paragliding and Mountaineering.

We believe that the personal accommodation we provide is possibly the best that it could be given that we are a mobile operation. We are happy to cater for any special requirements you, your crew and cast may have. Our beds are not only comfortable but warm and cosy and our ‘rooms’ are well appointed, but are still in fact practical and spacious.

Naturally, we operate under a ‘leave no trace’ policy and all of our activities and practices are environmentally sound and respectful of resident wildlife, flora and forna.

Logistically, we can take care of all of your requirements from land access and owner permission, to moving equipment and your people, on-site technical assistance and help with production if required.

Please call for more details.