A Friend of the Earth

Here at Wilderness Escapes, we care deeply about the environment, wildlife and wild natural habitats. We operate environmentally sound and ethical practices and we support a wide range of environmental groups such as the Wildlife Trust’s, Scottish Natural Heritage and The Scottish Outdoor Access Code. We’ve popped below some of the ways we ensure our Trips are sustainable and environmentally friendly – and easy actions that everyone can take on board when staying in the great outdoors!

  • We look after the places we visit and enjoy and leave the land as we find it – operating a ‘’take only pictures, leave only footprints’’ ethos. When we leave our trips, we take all our rubbish and recyclables with us and dispose of them properly. This helps to prevent pollution and damage.
  • We take care not to intentionally or recklessly disturb or destroy plants, nesting birds, other animals or geological features.
  • We have permission to be at the sites where the trips take place from the relevant land owners and we keep in regular contact with the land managers responsible for these areas.
  • We set up site on durable surfaces such as gravel and packed dirt – this in turn means we have less impact on the land.
  • We store our food and waste securely – protecting wildlife!
  • Any fires we build are kept contained in a fire pit to prevent the fire spreading. We also bring in our own wood so as not to have any impact on the local environment.
  • We bring water in and refill our water bottles from these large containers during trips instead of buying cases of bottled water– this means we are less wasteful when it comes to plastic!
  • When doing the washing up, we only ever use small amounts of biodegradable soap and then contain all washing up water and waste in sealed barrels. The barrels are later taken to a proper designated disposal location.
  • Our toilets are ‘state of the art’ portable loo’s, which are cleaned and recycled by our staff at least once a day. All waste is transported off site and disposed of at a designated disposal location.

These are just a few of the ways in which we are sympathetic to the environment on our trips.